Foods To Eat To Help Treat Acne

Acne Do’s and Dont’s When It Comes To Having A Clearer Face

The food that you put into your mouth actually can actually affect your skin.  Back in 2010, researchers reported that diet can affect acne outbreaks.  Scientists found that cow’s milk had a direct correlation with increased acne.

An earlier study back in 2007 showed similar results, but with a different diet.  Dramatic positive improvements were made to acne when switching from the modern fast food diet that americans eat to a healthier diet of whole grains, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Foods To Avoid

  • Cow’s Milk:  The study back from 2010 found a link between acne and cow’s milk.  Cow’s milk can spike blood sugar and also cause an increase in inflammation which can cause an outbreak.  Commercial milk that is bought from stores usually comes from pregnant cows which contain other hormones that can trigger acne.


  • Simple Sugars: You may have already expected sugar to be on the list of foods to avoid when trying to heal your acne.  Now this doesn’t mean that if you eat a cookie or drink a soda you will have a massive acne breakout.  The main reason it can cause a breakout is from spiking your blood sugar.  If you think sugar may be a culprit to your acne breakouts go ahead and limit yourself to how much sugar you consume each day.  In conclusion, stay away from junk food.


  • Fast Food: Fast food is very greasy and can cause inflamation in your body.  It’s a known fact that inflammation can lead to pimples.  Try to limit your intake of fast food by substituting it with home cooked meals which contain lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Foods That Help

  • Fish or Flaxseed: The average american diet consists of excess omega-6 fatty acids, which are main causers of inflamation.  Try adding omega-3 fatty acids into your diet.  Two major sources of this are fish and flaxseed.  Omega-3 can help decrease inflammation and help improve acne breakouts.

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  • Green Tea: Green tea has numerous amounts of antioxidants which can help protect against stressors that the body faces on a daily basis.  Incorporate green tea into your diet.

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  • Zinc: The mineral zinc may reduce the effects of acne.  Toasted wheat germ, liver, roast beef, pumpkin seeds, and dried watermelon seeds are all good sources of zinc.

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  • Juicing: Eating more fruits and vegetables can naturally help cure your acne.  It’s not always easy to get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables everyday so it would be quite resourceful to invest in a juicer.  Beta-carotenes from fruits and vegetables naturally help to reduce skin oils and are anti-inflammatory.

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  • Probiotics:   These help to reduce inflammation in your guy, which will help reduce acne.  Probiotics are mainly found in yogurt with live cultures, kefir, dark chocolate, sauerkraut, pickles, and many other fermented foods.

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Changing the way you eat, hygiene habits, and having a better understanding of how acne works will be your best tool in dealing with future acne breakouts.